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How to Select the Right Building Property Management Software

February 27, 2024
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Managing multifamily buildings can be a daunting task, especially if you have multiple properties. However, you don’t have to go it alone. With the best building property management software to back you up, management can become a breeze. There are many options out there; below are tips to find the right building property management software for your multifamily investments.

User Friendly

The most important part of any software is the user experience. Difficult software only compounds frustration for both management teams and residents. The right building property management software will allow management teams to try out a demo version ensuring it’s easy for both front-of-house employees and residents, all while meeting the community’s needs.

Onboarding and Offboarding Support

New and existing leases require energy and time from property management teams. Any adopted building property management software should make the process easier, allowing residents to easily onboard, efficiently sharing documents, tracking payments, and completing move-in processes.

When it comes to existing residents, building property management software should include checklists, verification methods, and cleaning options required for an efficient offboarding process. Residents appreciate efficient move-out processes available at the touch of a button on their community branded app.

Accounting, Online Payments

Finances are one of the more arduous parts of running any company. Managing luxury buildings means you need building property management software that can keep up with payment notifications, late payments, and timely tracking for accounting and tax purposes. The most convenient way for any resident to pay is through online banking, therefore payment facilitation should be part of the software platform.

Maintenance Request Handling

Keeping track of maintenance requests can become overbearing once you have a large number of residents or properties. The best building property management software will handle receiving and tracking of maintenance requests. Allowing management teams, laborers, and residents to communicate all on one app makes it easier for everyone.

Cloud Based

Handling your own servers is an expensive and risky move, and keeping your files on a single mobile device or PC is dangerous (in case you get hacked or experience hardware failure). Any building property management software should be cloud based, allowing property management teams access anywhere, any time. With AWS servers hosted remotely in locations protected from hacking and environmental disasters, Elevated Living’s platform provides continuous uptime with routine updates.


Communication is an important part of any property management team's relationship with residents, staff, contractors and service providers. The right building property management software will have an easy way to communicate via text or voice messaging. Providing instant chat messaging during off-hours also gives residents peace-of-mind and allows management to prioritize labor needs.

Cost and Support

Choose building property management software that provides the value you need, so you can save money and time while increasing efficacies in communication, fee collection and more.

If you are looking for high quality, affordable building property management software for your Class A properties, visit Elevated Living to check out the features our platform offers.