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Why Should Building Management Teams Consider Property Management Software?

June 6, 2024
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One of the biggest complaints for anyone leasing a property is that living in the community feels disconnected from the people managing the property. From ignored maintenance requests to outdated systems for reserving amenities, people are increasingly frustrated with apartment living situations. One way to solve this issue is by implementing property management software.

Property management software is built to make life easier for management teams and residents alike. It works by creating portals that will help run every aspect of the building, from reserving amenities to steering move-in and out experiences. The right software is your solution to improving the entire community’s experience. Here’s why more and more management teams and building owners are investing in property management software.

Make Moving in and out Easier

The right property management software makes every step of leasing easier. One of the most popular features is a customizable on-boarding email campaign. You can create a series of automatic emails sent to residents moving in, that details everything they need to know, from reserving the elevator to information about payment dates to reserving amenities.

Manage Property Amenities, Reservations, and Maintenance

Once your residents are moved in, property management software will help them enjoy everything your building has to offer. You can set up reservation systems for amenities or concierge services, and include secure payment systems. From party rooms to pool reservations, anything is possible when using the right property management tool.

You can also create maintenance request systems for dealing with any issues in the building. This means residents can submit maintenance requests through a portal and track the entire progress, allowing management teams to address issues on a basis of priority.

Streamline Payments

With property management software, building managers can automate and streamline secure payments. This saves time, helps keep residents’ accounts current, and creates an easy record of all financial transactions.

Property Management Software for Today and Tomorrow

If you manage a property and want to streamline the resident experience, then it’s time to invest in property management software from Elevated Living. Our modern and easy-to-use software helps property management teams and residents alike. From customizable options to a community branded app, our software makes resident touch points simple and responsive. Contact us today to learn more about how our software delights residents and management teams.