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For Entire Portfolio

Centralize, automate, and unify your property operations
White-label capabilities to showcase your brand
Consolidate multiple solutions through integration
Implement performance benchmarking across different properties
Streamline Operations for on-site team & engagement for residents.

Centralized solutions

Screens showing solutions for Marketing
Screens showing solutions for Onboarding
Screens showing solutions for Resident Engagement
Resident Engagement
Screens showing solutions for Operations
Screens showing solutions for Reputation Management
Reputation Management
Screens showing solutions for Communication
Screens showing solutions for Lifestyle Concierge Services
Lifestyle Concierge Services
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Resident Events
Photo of Konrad Koczwara – CEO & Founder Elevated Living
Konrad Koczwara
CEO & FounderElevated Living
Our Platform Grows with You

Success stories

Apartments at City Center
Revenue share from Elevated Living platform covered the monthly cost and generated additional NOI for property within 3 months of implementation.
Alluvion Las Olas
We transformed our amenity offering, skyrocketing monthly income from $1,500 to over $15,000. Our innovative solutions have drastically increased profitability, while simultaneously elevating the living experience for our residents.
Wolf Point East
Our platform's lifestyle services are so appealing and convenient that residents collectively spend more than $30,000 on them per month, highlighting their value and our success in meeting resident needs.
Optima Signature
We significantly reduced complexity and enhanced user experience by consolidating 6+ resident-facing portals into a single, easy-to-navigate platform, increasing efficiency for residents and staff alike.
The Victor
Our platform's effective amenity management system facilitated over $32,000 in amenity bookings within a single month, demonstrating its powerful revenue-generation capabilities.
Magnolia Square
Through our intuitive platform, we achieved an astounding 7-fold increase in resident engagement, and sparked a 300%+ rise in participation within resident interest groups, enhancing community cohesion and satisfaction.
The Hadley
We streamlined our operations by integrating both package locker and access control systems into one user-friendly application, greatly simplifying processes for both residents and management.


What specific solutions does Elevated Living offer for portfolio management?

Elevated Living offers comprehensive proptech services designed for efficient portfolio management. These include advanced analytics for portfolio performance, automated property management software, consolidated financial reporting, tenant management systems, and more.

How can Elevated Living's services streamline our portfolio management processes?

Our solutions are designed to automate and streamline routine tasks, reduce manual errors, and improve operational efficiency. We provide you with a unified platform for managing multiple properties, making it easy to track performance, manage tenants, and maintain properties.

Can Elevated Living's solutions scale as our portfolio grows or changes?

Yes, our solutions are fully scalable and designed to grow with your portfolio. Whether you're expanding, downsizing, or diversifying your portfolio, our platform can adapt to your changing needs.

What kind of customer support does Elevated Living offer for portfolio management?

Elevated Living provides comprehensive support to ensure your portfolio management runs smoothly. Our support includes technical assistance, guidance on best practices, and prompt troubleshooting to minimize any potential disruptions.

How does Elevated Living ensure the security and privacy of our portfolio data?

We adhere to industry-best security standards and comply with all relevant privacy laws. Your data is protected with advanced encryption methods and we implement regular security updates and audits to ensure ongoing data protection.

What is the pricing model for portfolio management services?

Our pricing for portfolio management services is based on the size and complexity of your portfolio, and the specific solutions you require. We aim to provide high-value, cost-effective services and offer flexible pricing models to suit your needs.

How does the transition process work if we decide to shift our portfolio management to Elevated Living?

We have a dedicated onboarding team to ensure a seamless transition. Our team will guide you through each step, from initial setup and data migration to training and ongoing support.

What improvements in portfolio performance can we expect by using Elevated Living's services?

By using Elevated Living's services, you can expect improvements in various areas such as operational efficiency, cost management, tenant satisfaction, and overall portfolio performance. Our advanced analytics tools provide you with actionable insights to make informed decisions and drive portfolio growth.