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For Operations

Consolidate your residents’ needs into one integrated platform
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We offer more than just an app
It is the first PropTech ecosystem that combines technology, services, and resident experience to drive operational excellence.

Discover the benefits

Increase NOI
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Reduce Operating Expenses
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Increase Efficiency
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Increase rent per square foot
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Our most popular features

Communication Tool Screen
Communication Tool
Amenity Reservation Tool Screen
Amenity Reservation Tool
Document Vault Screen
Document Vault
Inspections Tool Dashboard
Inspections Tool
Task & Maintenance Management Tool Screen
Task & Maintenance Management Tool
Front Desk Tool Dashboard
Front Desk Tool
Package Management Tool & Integrations Dashboard
Package Management Tool & Integrations
Access Control Hub & Integrations Screen
Access Control Hub & Integrations
Managed Housekeeping
a large room with a lot of chairs and tables
Amenity Management
a group of people in a dance class
Fitness Center Management
A dog being groomed at a dog grooming salon
Pet Concierge Program

Success stories

Achieved ROI within 3 months while increasing NOI

Apartments at City Center
Washington, DC
Revenue share from Elevated Living platform covered the monthly cost and generated additional NOI for property within 3 months of implementation.

Increased amenity income from $1,500/month to $15,000+/month

Alluvion Las Olas
Fort Lauderdale, FL
We transformed our amenity offering, skyrocketing monthly income from $1,500 to over $15,000. Our innovative solutions have drastically increased profitability, while simultaneously elevating the living experience for our residents.

Residents spend $30,000+/month on lifestyle services

Wolf Point East
Chicago, IL
Our platform's lifestyle services are so appealing and convenient that residents collectively spend more than $30,000 on them per month, highlighting their value and our success in meeting resident needs.

Went from 6+ resident facing portals to just 1

Optima Signature
Chicago, IL
We significantly reduced complexity and enhanced user experience by consolidating 6+ resident-facing portals into a single, easy-to-navigate platform, increasing efficiency for residents and staff alike.

Generated $32,000+ in amenity bookings in 1 month

The Victor
Dallas, TX
Our platform's effective amenity management system facilitated over $32,000 in amenity bookings within a single month, demonstrating its powerful revenue-generation capabilities.

Increased resident engagement by 7x and oversaw a 300%+ increase in resident interest group activity

Magnolia Square
Naples, FL
Through our intuitive platform, we achieved an astounding 7-fold increase in resident engagement, and sparked a 300%+ rise in participation within resident interest groups, enhancing community cohesion and satisfaction.

Consolidated package locker & access control systems into one app

The Hadley
Atlanta, GA
We streamlined our operations by integrating both package locker and access control systems into one user-friendly application, greatly simplifying processes for both residents and management.

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