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Branded Resident App

Optimized to manage the digital and physical resident onboarding within a Class A community
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Attract: White Label Your Brand

The best companies don't just market their product. They focus on marketing the lifestyle that a customer will be a part of. We help your brand stand out with our white label technology & human powered hospitality services. Residents will not want to leave.
Features built to help you attract new residents:
On-demand personal concierge services
White-labeled services and building-branded resident app
Neighborhood perks program
Easy event & experience booking
Customized move-in checklists for easy onboarding
Monitored social feed & resident marketplace

Onboard: Simplify move-in & move-out

With customized move-in checklists and one-click service elevator booking, moving in is just the start of a seamless process for your residents and property managers. Offer your residents a safer home with integrations for insurance, maintenance requests, guest management, and notifications right from their branded app.
On-demand services in your branded app, such as TV mounting & furniture assembly, will delight your residents right from the start.
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Manage: Automate Operations

Automate amenity reservations
Your modern amenity reservation system can make all the difference when it comes to reducing friction and making residents happy. Help your team focus on what matters most.
Easily communicate and share files with residents
Upload all important documents that residents need into one secure place. Set up automated push notifications and emails with the touch of a button. Engage your residents with an all-in-one app.

Promote: Build organic community

Residents love participating in the community and neighborhood that they live in. Give them an easy way to make this a reality. From a calorie-burning walking club all the way to a relaxing weekly book club, give you residents the tools they need to meet new friends.
Use "Groups" to facilitate organic engagement in your community
Our dedicated team of professional event planners can show your on-site teams how to drive quality engagement within your community, facilitate conversations, and monitor posts.
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Engage: Human powered hospitality

Our fully staffed on-demand concierge services make your community feel like a 5-star resort. Residents have a variety of services to choose from, in the same app they connect to maintenance and pay rent. Seamless white label integrations looks effortless to your residents.
Eliminate resident app fatigue
Residents shouldn't have to download 5 different apps to book pet services, fitness classes, personal trainers, housekeeping, handyman services, dry cleaning, or attend events.

Delight: Events & experiences made easy

Our platform is optimized to automate and handle any type of event. Easily choose from a variety of seasonal activities or experiences to build brand engagement and community memories. From cooking classes to field trips, our all-in-one solution makes hosting events easy.
Let us work for you
Most property managers are not professional event planners, graphic designers, social media managers, and shouldn't have to stay until 9PM to clean up post-event after a long day at work.
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