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Property Management Software

As a property manager of a luxury Class A community, you have plenty of tasks on your plate. Overall, your job is to keep your residents happy and create a community they love to live in. Elevated Living makes your job easier with custom property manager software that helps you streamline every aspect of a resident’s experience. From scheduling maintenance to collecting rent, engaging with residents and creating a smooth onboarding process, our software for the luxury property manager fulfills a wide range of needs, delighting residents while saving you and your team time and energy.
Property Management Software

Document Storage Made Easy

As a busy property manager, you already know that there are plenty of documents to process and keep track of in your day-to-day workflow. Another way our property manager software makes your job easier is by storing documents all in one place. It’s simple to upload important files and documents, so your residents have everything they need at their fingertips in one single location.
Contact information
Lease agreements
Neighborhood guides
Resident handbooks
And more!

Key Features of Our Property Management Software

What are some of the key features of our customized, branded property management software? Just a few of the ways both property managers and residents benefit include:
Amenity reservations
Save you and your team time by automating and customizing amenity reservations. From housekeeping to massage appointments, handyman services to pet grooming, we offer an all-in-one solution that’s user-friendly for your team and residents alike. Unifying your resident experience tech stack with our easy-to-use software increases NOI.
Maintenance requests
Make it easy on your residents to schedule maintenance appointments with our simplified work order management solutions. Keep residents apprised of the status with regular push notifications.
Custom onboarding messages
Make your residents feel welcome from the moment they move in with our property management software. Set up automated onboarding emails to send a warm welcome and engage with new residents.
Engagement analytics
Engagement is what truly makes a community come together. With our cutting-edge engagement analytics software, it’s easy for you and your team to track valuable resident engagement data, as well as personal service usage.
Easy rent collection
Why is our software the best for property managers? Because it takes the stress out of rent collection, the biggest recurring hurdle. We can integrate with your existing PMS or create a custom native solution for you so you can seamlessly collect payments. It’s easier on both you and your residents.
Custom move-in and move-out checklists
Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With our custom move-in and move-out checklists, you can streamline the moving process to ensure your residents are happy the moment they arrive.

Ready to see how Elevated Living can transform property management for the better?

Our property management software makes your job easier while creating a culture of community and connection among your residents. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a demo.