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Five Property Management Tips to Save Time

February 27, 2024
Property Management

Running a Class A residential community means providing a service that stands out. You want your residents to have the best possible experience on your property. Without the right support, your property management team may not be able to keep up with luxury community demands.

Elevated Living is here for property management teams that want to excel. Our multifamily property management software helps your team save time while offering the highest level of services your residents desire. Our software empowers you to work smarter, not harder, and still get first-class results.

1. Streamline Communication with Residents

The most important time-saving advantage of multifamily property management software is how it streamlines communication among residents. By using the app, each resident can request maintenance, check on incoming deliveries, check in with building managers, and more. With your branded community portal, there is no need to give out private cell phone numbers (which are neither safe nor convenient).

2. Automate Reservations

Your elevated lifestyle property offers a club room, gym, and other amenities. A paper sign-up sheet is not practical and certainly not a branding message your Class A facility wants to portray. However, expecting residents to call in for every reservation, then having to let all the other residents know the amenity is booked, takes up a lot of time. Our multifamily property management software allows residents to reserve amenities and have all the other residents know, in real-time, which blocks of time or events are booked.

3. No More Calls to Chase Late Fees

It takes a lot of time to call residents who have overlooked fee payments. Instead, use our multifamily property management software to automate fee collection and send reminders and confirmations. Some late fees are simply because the resident is busy or focused elsewhere. Automation takes the guesswork out of the equation for everyone.

4. Forget Door to Door Surveys

Part of providing that Class A experience for residents is knowing what they need and anticipating – and defraying – issues. This used to mean a survey that you had to follow up on, door-to-door “house calls” or endless emails. Get your time back while leaning into resident engagement by leveraging our multifamily property management software’s analytic features.

5. One-Stop Document Retrieval

Printing documents, filing them, moving the older files to long-term storage – that takes time away from other priorities. Security of such documents is of the utmost importance, and can be a stressor if there is no way to make more physical space. Another reason paper documents are not secure in the long run is that either fire or flood could wipe out hundreds of important documents, meaning even more time in tracking down copies and restoring files. Instead, rely on the safe and secure document storage in our multifamily property management software. Upload, import and have all your lease agreements, move-in/move-out checklists and more in one convenient location. Keep all of your resident conversations via private 2-way chat in printable documents that can be transferred as CSV files.

The Multifamily Property Management Software That Saves Time

To offer that true Class A property experience to your residents, you need the tools that empower you to save time so you can focus on your goals. Explore our website today to learn how our multifamily property management software allows you to offer the elevated experience your residents deserve.