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Multifamily property management software

Searching for the best multi-family property management software for your Class A community? Elevated Living is your partner in property management, offering turnkey solutions that enrich the lives of your residents while making your job easier.
When residents choose to live in luxury multifamily properties, they expect a high level of service from property owners and managers to deliver, which is why luxury property management differs greatly from standard property management. In many cases, managing a luxury property is more about maintaining the premises year-round, as well as providing upgraded amenities you won’t find in standard communities. Overall, you want to offer a complete lifestyle experience, not just a service. Elevated Living helps you do just that.
Multifamily property management software

An All-in-One Property Management Portal

If you’re an overstressed and overworked property manager, property management software is a blessing. From interacting with residents to handling lease agreements, scheduling maintenance requests and juggling pet care appointments, you and your staff have a lot on your plate. Property management software streamlines these time-consuming activities and responsibilities, making your job easier so you can provide a superior level of service for your residents.
Elevated Living creates custom property management software for luxury properties. Whether you need assistance with event planning, you’re looking to streamline the onboarding process or you want an easier way to collect rent payments from your residents, our tailor-made solutions help you do your job better so you can delight residents and make the most of your investment.
What are some of the features you’ll enjoy with our custom property management software? They include, but aren’t limited to:
Streamlined onboarding
Don’t let the onboarding process be a hassle. Luxury property residents are expecting streamlined solutions that minimize headaches. With our custom automated onboarding emails, you improve the resident experience from the moment they move in. This streamlines communication, decreases back and forth emails, eliminates office visits, saving you and your residents time and hassle.
Amenity reservations
Residents of luxury multifamily properties expect more from their everyday living experience, and that includes taking advantage of all the amenities your building has to offer. With our luxury property management software solutions, you automate and customize amenity reservations, saving your team time and ensuring residents get the best possible level of service. From scheduling pet grooming appointments to massages, fitness classes and more, your residents can enjoy superior amenities while you watch NOI increase.
Collect payments
It’s never been easier to collect rent payments. We can integrate online payments with your existing PMS or create a custom solution just for you.
Streamlined maintenance requests
We offer simplified work order management solutions that improve your building systems, make your job easier, and keep residents happy.

Explore Turnkey Property Management Software Solutions Today

Want to learn more about Elevated Living’s customized, turn-key multifamily property management software? Schedule a demo today and see for yourself how our unique solutions can create a culture of community and enrich the lives of residents at your luxury property.