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Property rental management software

Searching for the best rental property management software? If you own or manage a luxury, Class A residential community, you need software solutions that streamline and enhance processes, making your job easier while creating a one-of-a-kind living experience for your residents.
Property rental management software

What is property rental management software?

Property management software (PMS) works locally to operate business processes for property owners, managers, and companies. The main goal of any property management software is to simplify tasks that require significant time and money, especially repetitive tasks like collecting rent, scheduling maintenance services, and more. By using an all-in-one solution created by Elevated Living, property managers can handle all their day-to-day activities and responsibilities with ease, eliminating time-consuming processes and creating hassle-free experiences for your team and residents alike.

Who can benefit from rental properties management software?

Property rental management software does much more than simply make the job of a luxury property management easier. The best rental property manager software helps everyone who lives and works in your Class A community, including:
Step 1
Property owners and managers
Property owners and managers of luxury properties can benefit from rental management software that streamlines and enhances every process and service.
Step 2
Real estate investment firms
Software for managing rental properties doesn’t just help owners and asset managers, but it also supports luxury real estate investment companies. REITs and private equity firms use software solutions to leverage investments and handle portfolios of any size, maximizing return on investment.
Step 3
As a property manager, you’re dedicated to delivering a great living experience for each tenant. Through a customized tenant portal, residents can easily make maintenance requests, check incoming deliveries, connect with managers, and so much more, all at the touch of a button.

Features of Elevated Living’s Property Management Software

Elevated Living offers turnkey solutions for property management software, customized to your needs and the needs of your residents. How can our luxury property management solutions streamline your day-to-day processes? Features of our software include:
Make the onboarding process a breeze with custom onboarding emails—eliminate the back-and-forth emails and office visits.
Amenity reservations
Offer hotel-style concierge services with automated amenity reservations that delight your residents and increase revenues for your property.
Maintenance requests
Streamline work order management to save your team time and offer hassle-free maintenance experiences for residents.
Engagement analytics
Increase resident engagement and build community by tracking engagement data.
Rent payments
Give your residents convenience with online rent payment solutions.
Document storage
Keep all data about your property, residents, and finances in one safe spot. Upload, import, and handle documents like lease agreements, move-in/-out checklists, and more.

Explore Custom Property Rental Management Software Solutions Today

Elevated Living offers the best software for managing rental properties, customized for you and your residents’ varied needs. Ready to discover how our turnkey solutions can create a culture of community at your luxury property? We’re ready to answer all your questions, so we can start building a custom, turnkey solution just for you. Schedule your demo today!