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Things You Need to Know About Property Management Software

February 27, 2024
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Whether you are a first-time landlord or have multiple properties and communities under your belt, finding something that can make your management far easier—and improve your residents’ experience—can be amazing. Property management software, like Elevated Living’s offerings, allows you to better manage your properties and make your residents happy by providing a one-stop-shop app for all your community needs.

What is Property Management Software?

Property management software often comes with two interfaces, one for the manager, and one for the residents. In a Class A multifamily community, a certain level of care is needed and expected to keep residents happy. With property management software, this can be made easier when a resident can just load up a single app to communicate with you, access their lease details, handle their rent, request a repair, or book in-community amenities. The management side will also include detailed reports for everything from finances to community engagement—it’s everything you need to make informed decisions and keep fastidious records.

Searching for the right property management software doesn’t have to be hard. You just need to know what features you need.

Finance Management

Any property management software you choose should have financial management, from dealing with rent to keeping track of maintenance and repair costs. Rent collection is a very important feature because it makes the residents' lives easier, as well as your own.

Maintenance and Repair Management

Having residents call you at all hours of the day for repairs can get disruptive, so having a property management software where they can request repairs can make things so much easier. When you do your repairs through an app, you can easily inform your residents when the repairperson is coming, and you can keep track of all repairs that have been done. You can also manage a maintenance schedule for the community more easily.


Getting information to your residents in the past may have required you to either post to a general bulletin, send out mailing cards, or even leave paper at their door. With a high-quality property management software, your residents can now get all the community communications through a single app on their phone. If needed, they can also contact management directly by text or schedule a phone or video call.

Amenity Reservations

If you are a manager of a Class A multifamily community, then you are likely to have several different on-property amenities available for use. These could include a pool, gym, sauna, games area, shared events room, or even a special suite for resident guests. Using property management software not only makes booking these easy for residents, but it also brings them front and center to them when they are using your community resident app for other things, increasing the likelihood they will actually use the amenities.

Property Management Software Solutions

Discovering the right property management software solution for your community can vastly improve both your and your residents' experiences in the community. Elevated Living provides branded and customized property management software that will make many management tasks easier, and it will improve your residents’ happiness within your community.