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How to Choose the Right Property Management Software

June 6, 2024
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There’s a lot to think about when it comes to property management, and the right software is essential to making things run as smoothly as possible for yourself and your residents. But does the right property management software really matter that much, and what should you look out for anyway? Let’s take a dive and unpack everything you need to know.

The Right Software Matters

Property management software contributes greatly to the experience of residents, and the right software will determine how positive their experience is, as well as the level of convenience for property managers. Working with the wrong software can mean that residents aren’t as happy, or it can overcomplicate parts of the business that should be easily automated. The question is less about whether you should go with property management software, and more about how to choose the right one.

Tailored Onboarding Emails

You want residents to feel at home from the moment they arrive in the building. Tailored onboarding emails via the right property management software will give new residents a warm welcome. They get to know the property better and join the community as comfortably as possible, creating a positive residential environment.

Streamlined Move-Ins and Move-Outs

If you’re using a property management software, it should make the moving processes easier rather than more complicated. Look for a software that has everything streamlined for a quick move-in/move-out.

Amenity Reservations

You want your residents to be happy, and having easy access to amenities you offer can go a long way. Some of the best programs for managing properties will allow you to create simplified booking options for amenities, giving residents a stress-free experience with minimal booking effort required on your part.

Ease of Bookings & Maintenance Requests

Another great thing that software can help to automate is booking services. For example, does a resident need to book an AC maintenance person? Well, they won’t have to worry about finding the superintendent – the best software will let residents book the services they need independently, with one user-friendly interface.

Document Collection

Any solid property management software should be helping you collect all required documents as easily as possible. Whether it’s tax forms or information sheets, it’s a clear time-saver to have all your documents kept in one place and made accessible to residents with the click of a button.

Software for Managing Properties has Simple Payment Options

Additionally, any property management software should handle payments more effectively. You should look for a property management software that offers both native payment solutions and integration with your existing payment methods, so that your transition to their system is as smooth as possible. It’s also a good idea to ensure that their payment system is secure and verified.

Overall, there are plenty of things to look out for when searching for the right property management software. You want software that makes the process stress-free and convenient for yourself and your residents, while also being extremely reliable, so that anyone using it feels successful.