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The Evolution of Property Manager Software

February 27, 2024
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Back in the day, property software was essentially glorified spreadsheets. In some cases, it literally was just spreadsheets. Today, however, property manager software can offer a number of benefits for managers and residents alike that can improve the overall experience at a multifamily community. If you are on the hunt for a new property management software, then read on to learn more about how far they’ve come, and the new features that can help your community thrive.

Moving beyond the spreadsheet

While spreadsheets do have their uses, even today, there are essential parts of a modern property manager software that help everyone in a community. Today, this software acts as a portal for everyone, including the owners, property managers and the residents of the community.

For residents, it can streamline processes from maintenance requests to payment options. For managers, it can automate many of the tasks that require a person to be onsite, such as key drop offs and exchanges or even on-boarding processes.

The true power of modern software for property managers is putting everything online for easy accessibility. Gone are the days where residents and property managers needed to file requests through voicemails and texts. Now, everything can be done online with a smartphone for more efficiency, helping people get what they need in a familiar and intuitive way.

The key features of modern software for property management

First is amenity access and booking. Modern multifamily buildings have several amenities that make their communities unique. Accessing those amenities in the past have ranged from outdated systems like a pencil-and-paper signup to calling someone to reserve. With our property manager software, residents can log into the portal and reserve without leaving their couch, guaranteeing their spot and reducing confusion or miscommunications.

For property managers, one of the most powerful aspects of software is data analytics. Track important metrics related to engagement that aren’t available on other apps or traditional systems. These analytics help business processes adapt to the demands and habits of your residents, offering them a more streamlined experience.

How to find the right property manager software for your community

If you are looking to make an upgrade from the manager software of old, then you have come to the right place. Elevated Living is an easy-to-use modern property manager software that helps managers improve their own workflows and the lives of their community residents.

Even better, our software leads to better retention of high-quality residents. With features that include automated on-boarding and off-boarding procedures, and ticketing systems that help managers address concerns quickly and easily. Integrating a system with modern life is the most optimized choice for property managers across the country.

Contact us today to learn more about what the customizable experience of Elevated Living can do for you.