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5 Benefits of Using Award-Winning Property Management Software

February 27, 2024
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All property management professionals know that handling a large number of menial tasks can be overwhelming, especially when the right tools aren’t available. As smart phone technology has become ubiquitous, it’s advantageous for property managers to advance with the times and choose the best property manager software to ease the burden.

Below are five benefits of using property management software for multifamily Class A communities, such as the software available from Elevated Living.

Better Communication

Communication is essential when it comes to property management. You need to be able to effectively communicate with any residents from the moment they are on-boarded until they leave the community. With property manager software, the residents of your communities will be able to log into the program to not only do standard tasks like paying rent, but also make maintenance requests at any time of the day, providing clear records for everything.

Online Payment System

Monthly payments for many communities these days are no longer done by hand, but instead through online portals. While residents can use their own bank accounts to make payments, making the option available through property manager software means they can use more methods of payments, and have clear records online. For your end as a property manager, you’ll be alerted if any residents are late on payment, so you can send either automated reminders, or communicate personally with them. Hassle-free financial reports are also generated automatically for month-end reconciliations.

Improved Property Inspection

Property inspection is a time-consuming process for all property managers, but if you have access to the best property manager software, you can streamline many of the more arduous parts of the task. With inspection templates built into the software, and constantly being synced to the main server, writing down notes, and even taking images can be quick and easy, speeding up inspection processing time.

Securing Sensitive Data

Property software has a great advantage over paper in that the data is safely encrypted on servers in order to prevent access by nefarious third parties. Confidential information stored in the software is protected, including credit check information, lease agreements, and other personal information. More about Elevated Living’s secure platform can be found in our blog post titled “Why Proptech Cybersecurity Matters More Than Ever.”

Real Time Access to Information

There are many times that having quick access to resident information, maintenance requests, or other information can be valuable. With paper records, or information saved directly to your computer’s drive, you have to head to the main office to find whatever info you need. However, with property manager software you will have access to the information at your fingertips via your mobile device, all online, quick and easy. Data is also updated immediately, if you or one of your residents needs to update information.

Using the best property manager software from Elevated Living means more than just an easier and streamlined task flow for you, but also a better overall experience for residents of your managed Class A communities. Reduce labor time and streamline tasks while improving resident satisfaction with help from Elevated Living.