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How Resident Experience Apps and Property Management Software Deliver the Best Results for Multifamily Properties

February 27, 2024

Understanding the needs of residents and being able to provide them with the best experience is something that most management teams strive for. Yet, managing all the aspects of a multifamily community is daunting. With never-ending loops of requests, payments, needs and contractors, it can be hard to keep everything organized. Fortunately, there are specialized products that will help property management teams provide better services to residents.

Resident Experience Apps

Resident experience apps can be downloaded onto a mobile device (phone or tablet) and allows for direct interaction with the management team. A resident experience app can notify residents when payment is due and facilitate maintenance requests.

For buildings that have gyms or pools that run on schedules, a resident experience app allows fast and efficient access to reserve a time using a mobile device. The best of a resident app can also be used to speed up stressful move-in and move-out processes. Property management teams can quickly send documents to residents through the app, whether it is a community newsletter or an urgent notice. Simple checklists, documents that need timely signatures, and scheduling systems that allow residents to move with ease are all part of Elevated Living's platform.

Community is a big draw for resident experience apps. With built–in community boards, everyone in the multifamily dwelling can work seamlessly with the management team to set up potlucks, dog walking groups, holiday dinners, charity drives and so much more.

Property Management Software

Property management software is a must-have for luxury multifamily communities. Software as a service gives easy access to a host of records for management teams, such as building agreements, payments, financial records, building information, and much more, all while integrating with resident experience apps.

Management teams appreciate data collected via the app, such as maintenance requests and amenity bookings, that guide deeper business information (BI) dives. These big data dives help leadership predict where to prioritize labor. Property management software also allows for speedy and seamless communication among residents, management teams, front desk operations, security and third-party vendors.

Class A communities overrun by management tasks are primed for a lighter load with a branded resident experience app and property management software available from Elevated Living. Increase resident satisfaction, boost resident retention, and streamline tasks with help from Elevated Living's platform made specifically for luxury communities.