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3 Ways Multifamily Tech Nurtures Resident Interactions

February 27, 2024
Resident Experiences
Property Management

One of the biggest friction points for today’s multifamily property management teams is also one of the most sought-after resident amenities: a welcoming community. Talk to any building’s team, and you’ll hear about the level of dedication and effort it takes to maintain positive relationships between residents. It’s no easy task to keep residents happy with staff and neighbors.

Management teams are already stretched to the limit with overwhelming task lists. But giving residents the opportunity to engage with each other doesn’t have to be a tick box on that list. If your community is based on a resident engagement app like Elevated Living, residents can connect virtually. Let tech optimize resident connections while your team focuses on high-priority tasks.

Open Your Door with Tech

One of the first features new residents use is a community’s app. Outside of signing a lease or receiving move-in paperwork, your branded app should also host an exclusive feed and marketplace. Allowing residents to converse and connect virtually prior to meeting each other at community events gives residents the opportunity to feel comfortable engaging in person.

Lincoln Property Company blogs, “The first step to getting to know new people is to strike up a conversation! Whether you’re in the elevator, lounging on the rooftop, or hanging by the pool, take some time to introduce yourself and spark up a conversation. You may discover fun similarities, such as them owning a pet, loving to work out, or perhaps sharing the same favorite coffee shop as you.”

Every building powered by Elevated Living gives community members the opportunity to engage and share information, knowing they are communicating with their neighbors. Think of it as an exclusive Nextdoor app added to the rest of your white label suite.

Show Ease of Hospitality

Apartment dwellers in general are craving better tech and more services. Management teams that combine both will win residents over. Implementing your community app as the hospitality basecamp for new residents gives them the power to decide how to engage and communicate with their new neighbors.

Maintaining a quarterly calendar of events on your app allows residents to meet their neighbors on their own schedule. Partnering with Elevated Living gives management teams seamless planning and advertising tech options.

One of the best ways to connect new residents with established occupants is planned events advertised on your community app.

Regular events also show off spaces around the community, giving newcomers the opportunity to check out amenities. Finding a favorite lounge corner to work in or the perfect machine in the gym can only be discovered with time in those spaces. Simply making areas of the community accessible through tech increases resident engagement. Don’t dismiss how the ease of booking amenities and space using branded tech can delight new residents.

“You can invite fellow neighbors or perhaps close friends who live nearby. There’s nothing quite like the joy of bringing people together. Dinner parties are the perfect setting for connecting with others in a relaxed and enjoyable setting,” Lincoln Property Company shares.

Share Neighborhood Perks

Give residents an opportunity to explore their neighborhood beyond the building. Whether it’s with a new neighbor or with a group of residents from the same community, exploring local businesses can all be planned from your branded app. Elevated Living event managers know how to plan the perfect event to foster positive vibes among neighbors.

Lincoln Property Company describes neighbors as amenities: “One of the perks of befriending a neighbor is having a buddy to explore the neighborhood with. Whether you’re checking out a new bakery or heading to a yoga class in the park, it’s nice to have built-in companions to enjoy the area with.”

One highlight of Elevated Living’s white label app is the Neighborhood Perks Program, putting local deals right at your residents’ fingertips. Engaging residents on and off site benefits your multifamily ecosystem holistically, and sustains positive relationships within your community.