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10 Steps to Welcoming New Residents to Your Multifamily Community

February 27, 2024
Resident Experiences

Leasing teams across the nation are wondering how much the multifamily rental market will continue to cool as Fed rates rise. According to MultiHousing News, absorption rates continue to endure as "growth remains significant by historical standards, according to Yardi Matrix’s latest survey of 140 markets." And while that may seem like the end of the story, it's actually just the beginning.

Once new residents arrive at your multifamily community, they need to be welcomed and given access to all the amenities you have to offer. A proper welcome to your multifamily community is one of the most important parts of a property team's job. It's an opportunity to meet people in person and help ensure they're happy with their new residence so they stay long beyond the honeymoon period. And while the number of people choosing to live in apartments has risen significantly over the past decade, move-in experiences aren't getting more smooth or efficient without hard work from property management. That's where a resident experience platform can make or break a team's ability to keep up with market fluctuations.

A community platform helps affirm and establish relationships with residents at any stage. However, without the proper introduction and welcome to the app, residents may not even know it exists or be hesitant to use it. Here are ten steps that will help welcome residents to your experience platform.

1. Pre-Advertising

Welcoming residents to your community is important, and making them aware of their new resident experience app is no exception! The first step to welcoming new residents to your platform is pre-advertising. As soon as your property team decides to launch a community platform, pre-advertising must begin. This raises awareness and gives residents time to ask questions before the app is launched. Branded digital and printed ads are a necessary part of the onboarding process. But that's not where pre-advertising ends.

Consider upselling your community with your platform as a tool for all leasing tours. Show your prospects how easy it is to move right in to the community of their dreams right from your phone. And the best part is, they'll be ready to use the platform as soon as they sign the lease and onboarding begins.

2. Welcome Emails

Once your resident experience app is launched, welcome emails should be sent to each resident. These should give information about the various uses of the app and include a quick link to download. Don’t forget to mention the services and neighborhood perks that allow residents to enjoy their luxury lifestyle seamlessly.

Send personalized messages to new residents on the day they move in. These messages can be customized with information about move-in processes that make a property run smoother.

3. Push Message Marketing

To cover all the bases, it can also be useful to employ push message notifications. These messages should contain similar information to your welcome emails but in a condensed form. This helps reach residents that don’t regularly check their email and reinforce app use when people are already using their phones.

Your resident platform also allows you to automatically schedule follow up emails after a certain amount of time has passed since moving in. Automate any unchecked items or unfulfilled necessities. Give new residents that feeling of being taken care of as they settle into your community, and keep promoting that vibe for a bond that is sure to grow.

4. Move-In List & Requirements

For new residents, including a move-in list on their resident experience app in their welcome packages is a great way to reach out and welcome them to their new home. Because the list gives other important information about the community, new residents are likely to act on the instructions so their move-in goes smoothly.

Where to park moving trucks, what elevator to use for unloading furniture, and how to check off all the boxes on the list of move-in requirements are questions that can be automated right in your community app. Renter insurance, move-in orientation, and laborers that can help with move-in are right at your new residents' fingertips with the Elevated Living platform.

5. Notices in Common Areas

One of the best ways to advertise your community platform is to post the information in high-traffic areas, whether that’s via a digital or printed ad. Posting notices in all common areas will remind residents how easy it is to book amenities, schedule services, and get social on and off line.

Notices should be placed where they are visible from a distance and attract attention. Posters, flyers, brochures and other materials can help you spread the word about the single solution your community can access at any time – your platform. You may also want to consider posting multi-lingual notices so that residents who speak other languages will also be able to read them. As a property team, you know your residents best. Using Elevated Living's white label platform is the smart choice when making decisions to attract and include all residents.

6. Host Welcome Webinars

Hosting a monthly welcome webinar is a great way to educate new residents on the community, amenities and services, and how to get the most out of their platform. You can use webinars for everything from helping them get started with booking amenities to adding guests to the front desk admittance list.

This is also an excellent opportunity for you to introduce yourself as well as members of your team who will be working closely with these new residents. In addition to providing helpful information about the community itself and what it has to offer, this meeting is also an opportunity for you to answer any questions that may come up during initial move-in phases.

7. Updated Online Information

Now that you've gotten the word out about your community, it's time to let residents know how they can access your resources. Be sure to share the platform link on the community's website. Make sure links are easy to find above the fold on the landing page so residents can easily navigate to the platform.

Updating your community website and any social media pages with all information about your new community app, along with directions on how to download it, will allow the news to reach more residents. Don't assume that the default for prospective residents is Google. A high percentage of renters turn to social media first when they're looking for information about a rental community, so it's important to share links to both your community website and resident experience app across all social media platforms.

8. Remarketing

Even after the initial launch, it’s important to continue marketing the app. Reminding residents of its availability through regular newsletter emails or by running contests that reward users for using the app can keep it at the forefront of the community.

Once you've got the ball rolling, keep your residents engaged and feeling welcome. To do so, establish a plan for regularly scheduled events and communications that will help you connect with your residents. Adding Events powered by Elevated Living is another option to keep residents engaged with your platform. For more information on events, check out this article.

9. Consistent Reminders

Reminders of your new resident experience app features will help residents remember its value. Consistently including information on rent notices, marketing materials, or other announcements will keep residents up to date on additions and upgrades to your community platform. Remember, this is your one-stop shop for your brand. Make it part of your general print and digital marketing, and it will be hard to ignore.

10. Verbal Communication

Training your staff and property management team to remind residents of the app and walk them through its use helps ensure that residents are using the platform efficiently and correctly. With each interaction, residents and property teams can continue to work together to make multifamily living a smooth process. Help each part of your staff understand how to use

Welcome Newcomers to Your Community Platform

It may seem like a lot of work to get the word out about a new community platform, but the payoff will be worth it. Not only will you be helping your community grow and sustain itself, but you’ll also make an impact on the lives of individual people who are just starting out in their new homes. You can do this by sharing information with them about everything from local businesses and events to local attractions and onsite services. In addition, by providing incentives for referrals from past residents, you’ll encourage others in your community to reach out and welcome newcomers too!

By following these tips, your property management team can successfully launch your resident experience platform. With consistent reminders and Elevated Living's additional digital and print advertising, all new and existing residents will be excited to use your branded app, bringing all its benefits to the community.