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5 Incentives That Close Every Multifamily Tour

February 27, 2024
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To win hearts on a new lease or renewal, property managers must prove their building is the best value on the current market. Seems simple enough, if you have a list of amenities and options that put your building at the top of the market. But preferences differ; so, how do we make each resident feel valued from the first tour, and throughout their tenancy?

Personalize Every Lease With 1 Gift

There are hundreds of amenities and services that your prospects or residents value. A free parking spot might be the perfect hook for that city driver. But if you don’t want to give away thousands of dollars in free parking, consider offering something completely customizable - a branded gift card for lifestyle services.

When negotiating with prospective clients and renewing residents, personalized options provide management teams the flexibility they need to close every deal. Imagine what you could do with an Elevated Living gift card.

Read on to learn about:

  1. What Residents Value
  2. Compelling Prospects
  3. Engaging Residents

What Residents Value

Take recent events into consideration and answer, “What matters most today?”

Elevated Living partners nationwide have said these are the trending answers to that very same question:

  1. Health & wellness
  2. Free time
  3. Pets
  4. Spending time with friends and family
  5. Making new friends in their communities

Convincing Prospects

Considering these answers, management teams have a clear-cut path to upselling their building amenities and services.

By recommending personalized services, prospective residents have the flexibility to choose what they value most at the time of their move-in.

Ask those engaging questions to decipher how they enjoy the building, or where their busy schedules need assistance. Hit the nail on the head with each opportunity to connect with prospective residents. Find what makes them happy, and do just that.

Compelling Renewals

You engage your residents on-site and virtually. Now, connect with them on a deeper level, where customization is simply part of your white glove suite. Show residents how much you care with a personalized services gift card, branded and exclusively just for them. Recommend unexplored services to residents before they leave to explore elsewhere.

Show Some Love

If you’re a multifamily property manager looking to close every tour, make Elevated Living your golden ticket. Or, make a list of your renewals month to month, and add simple notes about how you can help residents love where they live.

Wellness Lover: Health is on everyone’s mind these days. Give WFH (Work From Home) residents the opportunity to try personal training, nutrition counseling, and massage, available on-site and virtually.

The Busy Professional: Give the gift of time. Allow residents to spend more time enjoying your community, and less time on chores. The perfect housewarming gift is a move-in cleaning, a tv installation, or furniture assembly.

Pet Lover: Don’t forget your furry residents! Pet lovers will appreciate a branded gift for dog walking services, on-site dog grooming, cat snuggling, bunny petting, and more.

The Entertainment Boss: Let’s be real. Extroverts have had a tough time this past year. Give them the opportunity to host their friends and family in the golf lounge or on the pool deck. Our event managers and personal chefs can help every step of the way.

The Neighborhood Ambassador: They convince their friends to move into the building. They’re friends with everyone in the neighborhood. They strengthen your community, and deserve a thank you for the positive vibes they bring. Flower delivery, meal delivery, or even a beauty makeover. Elevated Living can make any service gift happen.