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The Property Manager's Guide to Engaging Resident Experiences

February 27, 2024
Property Management
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Resident Experiences

For most multifamily property managers, planning and executing weekly events is overwhelming in addition to daily tasks. Management teams are already stretched to the limit with a list that can include scheduling maintenance throughout the community, tracking paperwork and leases, touring and engaging prospects and current residents, and keeping updated on local and state laws that affect residents and owners alike.

Adding a graphic designer, event manager, delivery, set-up, photographer, and clean-up crew to the list on a weekly basis can overwhelm property teams. Not that it can't be done, but property teams surely feel the pressure and anxiety with overwhelming responsibilities. And no team wants to feel stressed when facing residents, especially during an opportunity meant to bring the community together.

Happy Residents = Happy Management Teams

Management teams know they want happy residents, who engage with their brand and neighbors. To keep residents engaged in the community on a continual basis, on-site and virtual events must be fun and easy to attend. Live and interactive events need to provide residents with all of the tools they need to enjoy the activity. Missing one of these steps can mean disaster.

But deciding on a calendar full of Class A entertainment is just the beginning. Having to plan events isn’t just time consuming, it requires organization and pre-planning. If those aren’t strong suits on your team, you can bet events will suffer and residents will lose interest.

Partner with a Pro

How does a multifamily property succeed at weekly or even daily events? Bring in the professionals. Let event coordinators help your team pick the style and frequency of events that fit your brand and budget.

Elevated Living event managers have planned and executed hundreds of events, each one personalized to the community’s specific needs and residents’ preferences. Never run out of ideas when a pro can help plan high-quality seasonal events that make residents feel connected to their community.

Once events have been decided upon and a quarterly calendar has been planned, management teams must brainstorm advertisements. Unless you have a partner like Elevated Living that does it all from start to finish, creating digital assets or printed ads to encourage residents to sign up can be additional work for a team member.

Go Green Year-round

Property managers can reduce their paper use by going completely digital in their branded community app - one way Elevated Living helps management teams save one tree at a time. Digital assets and rsvp’s can be created and uploaded quickly by the property team, while residents receive notice of new events and sign up options right on their phones.

No more paper sign ups on a clipboard or printed flyers that trash the mail room. Events have gone digital in more ways than one.

If planning wasn’t enough work, imagine the time and effort it takes teams to order supplies, set up the room, and manage third party subcontractors. From there, taking photos, refilling cups and plates, or making sure to be personable hosts falls on property team members. The work may seem never-ending with after-party cleaning and resetting of the room, thinking about the next event right around the corner or even the next day.

To make it easy on your property management team, consider the hours of planning and execution you can save when partnering with an Elevated Living event manager. Professional coordinators know local shops and third parties that make each community stand out. Using regional vendors and trades to bring an event to life builds deeper ties to a neighborhood, and ensures businesses in the local ecosystem sustain each other.

Don't Forget the Big Data

Beyond the most obvious benefits of using an event manager, it’s important to recognize big data analytics from resident engagement when reviewing operations and budgets. Elevated Living’s white label app allows management teams to track amenity utilization day to day, week to week. When it comes to pre-planning future calendars, real time data shows highest attendance, themes they engaged with the most, and prizes they loved.

Online or on-site, events that drive resident engagement and keep management teams stress-free are simple with Elevated Living’s event management and all-in-one app.