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Why Resident Experience Apps Are Essential in 2023

February 27, 2024
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As property managers, it's essential to stay ahead of industry trends. As the demand for convenience and responsiveness grows in this digital era, the best way to meet these expectations is by introducing innovative technology solutions that will keep your multifamily communities up to date with the times. Resident experience apps have become a popular tool for property management teams and in 2023, they’re more important than ever!

With multifamily living on the rise across major cities around the world, enhancing resident satisfaction through mobile apps has far-reaching benefits, from generating strong word of mouth to increasing resident retention rates. In this blog post, we'll explore how you can get started using condominium resident experience apps to support both residents and your team.

How Technology is Transforming the Multifamily Living Experience

Technology is transforming the multifamily community living experience in exciting ways. For residents, their own smart devices, temperature control systems and more are giving them new ways to perfect their everyday experience. For property management teams, amenities such as remote check-in for visitors and wireless network solutions make managing community living simpler than ever before. By embracing technological advances, residents and management teams alike are setting the bar for modern living experiences.

The Impact of Automation on Unit Maintenance and Repairs

Automation has had a significant impact on unit maintenance and repair in the past few years. It has let property management teams streamline repairs and make the process more efficient. The use of automation can help avoid unnecessary costs, as well as reduce time spent dealing with requests related to maintenance. Resident experience apps can help save money on labor costs as well as increase efficiency in terms of timing and accuracy of maintenance tasks.

Why Community Resident Experience Apps Will be Essential in 2023

As technology continues to advance, it is becoming increasingly evident that apps designed specifically for residents will only become more and more essential in 2023. The convenience of using a resident app to pay fees, submit service requests and keep up with events right at one's fingertips could be the deciding factor between happy and disgruntled residents. Having an app with the latest updates on repairs and room availability ensures that all residents have the same information at the same time, thus ensuring smooth operations.

What are the Benefits of Resident Experience Apps for Property Managers?

Resident experience apps are fast becoming a popular tool for property managers, providing improved customer service and an increased sense of community to those living in multifamily buildings. These apps allow residents easy access to their accounts and other important information, such as payment options, community events information, reserving amenities, and more.

Additionally, resident experience apps can provide updates directly from their property manager. As these apps are so user-friendly, it is easy for any age group to navigate and utilize the various features available. The convenience offered by these apps makes them invaluable tools for property managers – allowing management teams to better facilitate effective communication with their residents.

The Next Generation of Resident Experience Apps

Are you part of a property management team that wants to improve the resident experience and lower the turnover of residents? Then Elevated Living may be the solution you’re looking for. Our app can automate many processes, increase efficiency and responsiveness, and empower your team to improve the overall experience of your multifamily communities. Contact us today to learn more about how our resident experience app can help your operation and communities. Learn more about resident experience apps.