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5 Ways to Improve the Resident Experience

February 27, 2024
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Being able to offer an incredible resident experience is key to attracting and retaining great people to your community. As a property management team, there is much you can do to make your building exceptional and your residents feel as if there's no better place to live.

Start with a Welcome

A potential resident’s impressions of your community starts even before they move in. In order to provide residents with an exceptional impression of your Class A multifamily community, you need to always have your best foot forward. A great way to give a professional and welcoming overview of your property is through the use of a branded app that incorporates everything the new resident will have access to.

A branded app that covers all the features of the building, including concierge services, move-in assistance, and community connections, give interested residents the impression that your building is a great place to live.

Improve the Resident Experience

Once individuals have decided to join your community, there are several ways that you can improve resident experience. Providing exceptional hospitality starting from move-in creates a great environment that your residents will love.

Here are our top five ways that you can easily improve the resident experience in your communities:

Ensure a Hassle-Free Move-In

First impressions are important. Make sure that moving in is as easy as possible for the new members of your communities. Allow them to easily book the service elevator, have access to all the building information, and immediately feel welcome. If your community is powered by Elevated Living, all of these important steps are taken care of, so your management team can focus on building a rapport instead of stressing over each step.

Great Communication

Great communication between residents and the property managers as well as within the community is important to making everyone feel welcome. Your branded app should be able to facilitate safe and productive communication at all levels within your community. Residents enjoy a private news feed and chat features that are exclusive to each community. Don't let frustrating miscommunication ruin a hard-won resident relationship. Property managers, front desk concierge, and maintenance teams have direct messaging options with residents to ensure quick and complete exchanges.

First Class Concierge Service

The key to offering first class concierge service is anticipating the needs of your residents. Make life easier for them by offering direct booking, chat options, and extended information about the community and neighborhood all from your property-branded app hub for everything they need. From concierge housekeeping to onsite personal training to the best restaurants and shops in the neighborhood, our white label app allows your management team to succeed without investing hours upon hours of researching and rendering information to hundreds of residents or guests.

Easy Maintenance Requests & Exceptional Response Time

The resident experience is greatly improved when residents can contact the management team quickly, while your team attends maintenance requests in a timely manner. The best way to achieve fast response times is through your community's easy-to-use branded app, trusted by residents from the moment they move in. Keep track of all maintenance requests for each lease and each unit, while forecasting for future maintenance that keeps your building up to code and in prime shape.

Build Community

People who know their neighbors are more likely to become long-term residents. Facilitating safe and easy communication among members of the community allows people to get to know each other more easily. That can only happen via your branded app, private to your community only. Without a community feed provided by the building, residents are left to start their own groups and join other external social feeds, ones that your management team may not have access to. To better equip your onsite management team, give residents the virtual space to meet neighbors and make new connections.

Make It Happen With One Platform

Elevated Living’s team is committed to helping property managers provide the best experiences possible for their residents. From event managers to vetted concierge services, our team helps your community thrive. Our event pros help management welcome, engage, and retain a vibrant community of residents to your Class A properties.