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Top Five Resident Experience Trends to Know for 2023

February 27, 2024
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2023 is only the beginning. In the future, residents will be looking for even more options from their multifamily community. These amenities make multifamily living even more attractive and give residents the flexibility and convenience they want and need in the buildings where they live. Discover these top five trends for 2023 to offer a better resident experience ( now and in the years to come.


Residents have more packages delivered. They do more online ordering, purchasing meals and grocery delivery that require a safe and secure place where they can be left. Many multifamily dwellings already offer onsite delivery rooms and same-day delivery to the residents. Other conveniences expected to be seen more often in 2023 include smart home technologies that make life more convenient, such as water-saving systems and smart thermostats, meaning that residents will be able to avoid the inconvenience and expense of maintenance and repairs.


Already, people are expecting to work from home at least part-time, and having the flexibility to do so can make or break a tour. Multifamily communities will be offering work-friendly spaces and flexible floor plans, quiet and private meeting rooms, and co-working spaces. A flexible work lifestyle gives residents more freedom to work anywhere meaning that leasing terms of the residences are also becoming more flexible. Families may not wish to live in the same place year-round, and instead stay for shorter terms.

Health and Wellness Services

Multifamily residences increasingly offer fitness centers to their community with personal trainers and exercise classes. Expect more to offer options such as juice bars, virtual healthcare access and memberships, onsite vegetable gardens, and community kitchens that prepare meals and provide cooking demonstrations.

Sustainable Living

This means more recycling, environmental consciousness, and energy efficiency in appliances and other building features. Residents are interested in better air quality and buildings with healthy air certification. People also are more interested in sharing the use of expensive items that are not used every day, like E-bikes, sports and recreation equipment, and musical instruments.

Artificial Intelligence

This is more than having virtual assistants to answer phones and questions. There will be AI-powered devices that will have specialized jobs and roles. Let’s get prepared for more of this in 2023 and beyond as artificial intelligence (and robots) seem made for use as part of multifamily property management. Improved efficiency, lowered costs, and enhanced living experiences are all ways to future-proof your community.

Multifamily housing trends are going to be focusing more on an enhanced resident experience as more families choose to live in community properties. Owning a home is becoming more expensive and less convenient. Multifamily management teams will be able to provide improved lifestyles and living experiences to residents who are looking for a living space that provides them with more. When the residents are happy where they live, it will be easier for management to attract and retain great people. Visit our website to learn more.