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What Does a Property Owner Gain from Driving High Engagement in One Platform?

February 27, 2024
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Making a successful community includes a lot of different factors when it comes to the actions of the property management team. While having high-quality, Class A multifamily units that can comfortably accommodate residents is a must, there are other aspects you should be focused on, including driving high engagement with your support and communication platform. Property management software has come a long way in the last few years, and when you are ready to take the leap to a single platform for all your needs, Elevated Living is here to work with you.

Property Management of the Past

In the past, all aspects of property management were exclusively done by the property owner or property management team, by hand. This resulted in a lot of phone calls, in-person visits, and piles of paperwork having to be filled out, executed, and filed away safely. Now, however, property managers can take advantage of mobile technologies through property management software in order to expedite workflows. This provides residents with a more convenient platform in order to take advantage of services and events within a community.

High Engagement Through One Platform

Bringing a single platform to your community for services and events means a high amount of convenience for your residents. Most people interacting with a specific mobile device service want everything consolidated within a single app, otherwise, they are far less likely to engage fully.

Modern property management software will provide your residents with services on a single platform, driving higher engagement, and improving the quality of services in your community. With increased engagement, issues being solved sooner, and more of your premium services being used, you will experience an overall increase in the value of your community. A happy community is one that is easier to work with.

Examples of Driving High Engagements Through One Platform

Example 1: A resident sees an email about an upcoming “Wine Tasting Social”. After opening up the app they see they can book a “Guest Suite” and realize that they have family coming over next month. They sign up for the “Wine Tasting Social” event and book a guest suite for 3 days when their family is in town.

Example 2: A resident is moving into the building in 4 weeks. The resident goes into the resident app to book a freight elevator. They soon realize that they can book a handyman on their move-in day to help mount their TV and assemble some of their new furniture.

In both cases, the resident looked for an opportunity through the resident app and then took advantage of another opportunity they may not have known about before, all because it was on the same platform.

Elevated Living Property Management Software

Understanding the needs of your community is a must, and through Elevated Living property management software, you can provide services through a single platform, increasing overall engagement from your residents. Contact us today for a demo.