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How to Use Social Media as a Tool for Resident Engagement

February 27, 2024
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For Class A multifamily properties, social media provides an opportunity to engage with residents and showcase the community amenities and features. However, just posting pictures of empty suites is not enough to keep residents engaged on social media. Let’s discuss how to build a strategy to use social media as a resident engagement platform.

Define Tone and Voice

Define the tone and voice of your brand and stick to it across all social media platforms. Consider the type of person your community attracts. Is it modern, sophisticated, classic, or fun? Tailor your tone and voice to align with your brand personality. By doing so, your messaging will be consistent and your residents will connect more easily with your brand.

Balance Your Content

Your social media content should be a mix of community news, events, lifestyle, building amenities, and services. It is essential to showcase your brand and offer value to your audience. Do not bombard your residents with one-sided promotions. Instead, entertain and engage them with a balanced range of content. By doing so, you strike the perfect balance between promoting your brand and satisfying your audience's needs.

Relatable Content

Create content that your ideal resident is eager to engage with. Avoid posting pictures of empty suites that beg to be lived in. Instead, focus on sharing relatable information like upcoming community events or seasonal decoration trends. Personalize your content to make it more memorable and engaging for your audience. Doing so will significantly influence the residents' perception of your community and create a great resident engagement platform.


Posting regularly improves engagement rates such as shares, likes, and comments, which subsequently boosts your social media reach. Create a content schedule and stick to it. The algorithm favors accounts with consistent upload patterns, which means the more often you stay consistent and engage with your residents on social channels, the better your chances are for greater reach and engagement.

Learn About Each Platform

Each social media outlet offers different types of content. For instance, Instagram is more imagery-focused, while Twitter may be best for news and updates. Knowing each platform's features and strengths will help you create content that performs better and resonates with your intended audience. For example, Instagram may be best for showcasing community images, while Facebook is ideal for event promotion. So, identify the social platforms that your residents frequent the most and craft your content accordingly.

Using Social Media as a Resident Engagement Platform

A successful social media strategy should aim to create relatable content that not only highlights building assets but also provides value to potential and existing residents. Building a defined social media strategy will help you create a brand personality that resonates with residents and drives engagement. In essence, it is all about being genuine, consistent, complementary, and creative in the way you communicate on social platforms. Using social media as a resident engagement platform can be a great way to promote your Class A community and increase resident retention. Elevated Living has a resident engagement app that will help your community stay in the know about any events or news going on, so you can increase engagement and reach more people.