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What is The Definition of Resident Engagement What Qualifies As Resident Engagement?

February 27, 2024
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Residents choose to live in a Class A multifamily building for the variety of benefits they offer. These unique benefits include fitness classes, seasonal events, community meet and greets, and private amenities. They want to utilize these services and events to meet other families in their Class A community. Property managers are responsible for creating these events, however, planning these events can be confusing. If the manager is not a seasoned event planner, they can have trouble figuring out how to host and engage residents. Elevated Living has created a resident engagement platform that can alleviate this stress and improve the resident's engagement within the community by having all the opportunities in one app.

What is a Resident Engagement Platform?

A resident engagement platform helps residents seamlessly manage all features of their Class A multifamily building. This can include onboarding (moving in or out), scheduling on-site classes, housekeeping, and pet services. The ease of having one app for all of this will attract new residents to your community by offering customized checklists, perks programs, and easy event booking. This app will help assist in these processes with features like maintenance requests, group engagement, and booking events. Residents that live in Class A buildings want more than just a place to live. They will be delighted to have a simple app to manage every detail of living in your Class A building. Residents will be excited to have these unique opportunities right at home. Using an app to schedule classes and events is convenient and in tune with how most of society is living and interacting these days.

What is Resident Engagement?

Resident engagement means families and residents of a Class A multifamily community have a voice and are part of the decision-making process. They work together and form relationships with one another, and do so by using the services offered by the community. This is important because it ensures the residents are involved in decisions that affect them and their community. It also means they build a sense of community by participating in events and classes offered through their Class A building. Resident engagement can be in the form of cooking classes, group fitness classes, and seasonal events like Christmas parties. Utilizing these services can build new friendships and build strong relationships between residents. Creating these meaningful opportunities for residents will increase resident engagement in your Class A multifamily building. A resident engagement platform will make it easier for property managers by automating reservations, and notifications and keeping important documents in one place.

Resident engagement in Class A buildings is a unique experience. There are so many available amenities and services exclusively for residents. A resident engagement platform makes it easier for residents to keep track of available opportunities and streamlines the role of the property managers. It simplifies everything from engagement opportunities to important communications. Residents and property managers can keep track of services and maintenance requests, and even reach out directly without having to make a call.

Increasing resident engagement will build strong relationships between residents and keep them active. Contact us to know more information.