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How Property Managers Can Shake Off A Bad Online Review from a Resident?

February 27, 2024
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When you come across a negative review, it's crucial not to ignore or dismiss it. Responding promptly and professionally demonstrates your commitment to resident satisfaction. Take the time to understand the concerns expressed by the resident and offer a genuine apology for any inconvenience caused. Responding with empathy and understanding sets the stage for constructive dialogue. Let’s take some time to explore strategies to help you respond to negative reviews and improve the quality of life for your residents.

Investigate and Address the Concerns

Don't stop at a mere acknowledgement; dive deeper into the issues raised in the review. Gather relevant information and communicate with your team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation. If mistakes were made or lapses occurred, take proactive measures to rectify them and prevent similar issues in the future. By addressing the concerns head-on, you show your commitment to improving the resident experience.

Offer a Resolution

In addition to addressing the specific concerns raised, provide the resident with a practical solution. This could involve scheduling repairs or improvements, offering compensation, or providing alternative options. By offering a clear resolution, you demonstrate that you value resident satisfaction and are willing to take action to rectify the situation.

Encourage Direct Communication

While it's important to respond publicly to negative reviews, it's equally essential to encourage direct communication with the resident. Provide contact information or extend an invitation to visit your management office. By fostering open and personal communication, you can better understand the resident's perspectives and work together to find a resolution. Direct engagement showcases your commitment to resolving issues effectively.

Leveraging a Resident Engagement App

A resident engagement app can significantly enhance the quality of reviews your Class A multifamily building receives. Such an app offers convenient channels for residents to communicate with property managers and share feedback. Through in-app messaging or community forums, residents can easily voice concerns, seek assistance, or provide suggestions. By streamlining communication and service requests, the app enhances resident satisfaction and minimizes the chances of negative experiences going unaddressed.

Fostering Community Engagement

Resident engagement apps often include features designed to foster community interaction. These features may include discussion boards, event calendars, or neighborhood directories. By encouraging resident engagement and fostering a sense of community, you create an environment where residents feel connected and valued. Positive reviews often reflect the welcoming and engaging community experience provided by the building.

Did You Know Using a Resident Engagement App Can Boost Resident Satisfaction?

Receiving a negative online review can be challenging and disheartening for property managers. By responding promptly and professionally, investigating and addressing concerns, and offering practical resolutions, you can minimize the impact of such reviews.  Leveraging a resident engagement app ( enables streamlined communication, simplifies service requests, and fosters community engagement. Elevated Living’s Resident Engagement App is designed with luxury properties in mind. Our software allows for improved document storage, hassle-free amenity reservations, and maintenance requests, custom onboarding messages tailored to residents, analytics on resident engagement activities, and much more! Our resident engagement app enables you to increase the quality of life for your residents and make your job as a property manager easier and more efficient. Try our app today and make your resident’s experience more engaging and luxurious.