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ButterflyMX x Elevated Living: A white-labeled access control solution!

February 27, 2024

ButterflyMX + Elevated Living:

Together, Elevated Living and ButterflyMX offer a solution that boosts resident satisfaction, improves the resident experience, and increases N.O.I for multifamily developers and operators.

By implementing this integration you will have the ability to bring ButterflyMX’s smart access control system into your branded community app powered by Elevated Living. This all-in-one integration will delight your residents, property managers, and all stakeholders involved.

Powerful Integration

The integration between ButterflyMX and Elevated Living brings ButterflyMX functionality into the “white-labeled” building app powered by Elevated Living, allowing residents to manage guest access from a single app.

Elevated Living’s resident experience app enables landlords & property management companies to fully white label the technology & services under their brand. Residents will also benefit by having an “all-in-one” that will let them truly engage with their community. Residents can track packages, make payments, submit work orders, reserve amenities, schedule housekeeping, and more.

All-in-one resident app

The Elevated Living platform can host & unlock doors even if there is hardware implemented from more than one vendor. Residents need to navigate to “Keyless Access” in their resident app and select the door that they wish to unlock.

Residents can send temporary keys to trusted guests in the form of a QR code via email or text message. The guest can scan the virtual key at the front of the building to gain access. Residents can access this module by navigating to the “Visitor Management” section. They will need to first add a guest & set permissions. After the guest is added they can click “Send Key” to send them a virtual key.

About Elevated Living

Elevated Living is an all-in-one resident experience app built for modern apartment communities. We combine technology with human powered hospitality to elevate the resident experience.

We believe that residents shouldn't have to download a dozen different apps to take advantage of services offered within their community. In communities powered by Elevated Living residents are provided a single white-labeled "building" app that combines traditional building operations with modern concierge services. From submitting work orders, to signing up for fitness classes, to booking a housekeeper - Elevated Living is your all-in-one technology and services partner.