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Six Engaging Holiday Activities for Apartment Communities

March 21, 2024
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Celebrating holidays brings a sense of joy, warmth, and community to all. There's no better way to celebrate than by bringing residents together through engaging and memorable activities. Whether you manage a small apartment complex or a large multifamily community, organizing holiday events can significantly enhance the sense of belonging among residents. Here are six creative and inclusive holiday activities that promise to make this year unforgettable for your community.

The Virtual Connection

While in-person gatherings foster a strong sense of community, not everyone has the ability, mobility, or desire to meet face-to-face. Ensure all residents are included in your holiday activities by offering a virtual option. This is as simple as ensuring you have a camera set up in the event area, or someone adept at manning a high-resolution smartphone feed. Ahead of time, promote the event (the Elevated Living platform is great for this!) to the residents, offering both a Zoom (or similar) link for those who want to participate virtually and a list of supplies they need ahead of time. Those who are feeling unwell or who simply prefer a virtual connection do not need to be excluded. Residents can bake along, offer comments or suggestions in the chat feed, or just observe the fun.

Why Multifamily, Class A Communities Need Holiday-Themed Events

Themed holiday events hold a special place in the heart of a community, serving as a vibrant bridge that connects residents through shared celebrations and cultural expressions. These gatherings, rich in diversity and creativity, are not just about marking a date on the calendar. These are about creating moments that celebrate the unique tapestry of backgrounds and traditions that each resident brings to the table. By curating events that reflect the wide array of holidays throughout the year, property management teams underscore the importance of inclusivity and mutual respect. This approach fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation among residents, reinforcing the idea that every culture and tradition has its place in the community fabric.

Cookie Decorating Party

A cookie decorating party is the perfect blend of sweetness and creativity, appealing to residents of all ages. Imagine a room filled with the aroma of sugar cookies and laughter, where tables are laden with cookies in various shapes, awaiting a sprinkle of creativity. From the bright reds of Christmas to the green of St. Patrick’s Day or the pastel colors of Easter, there is lots of color to go around. This event not only allows residents to showcase their decorating skills but also offers a wonderful opportunity for neighbors to mingle and create memories together. The inclusivity of this activity ensures that everyone, from toddlers to seniors, can participate, thus making it an ideal community-building event. To ensure inclusivity, offering options like gluten-free and nut-free cookie bases allows everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions, to partake in the joy of decorating and sharing.

12 Days of Hors d'Oeuvres

Transform your holiday gathering into a culinary adventure with "12 Days of Hors d'Oeuvres." This unique celebration encourages communal participation and culinary exploration, inviting residents to share and savor appetizers that reflect the rich tapestry of cultures within the community. Integrating this with a tree-trimming activity during the festive season, where residents come together to decorate a communal Christmas tree, can elevate the event beyond a mere feast for the taste buds. It becomes a heartwarming occasion of shared traditions, decor, and cultural exchange. By inviting residents to contribute dishes that celebrate their heritage, the event not only enriches the community's palate but also fosters an appreciation for the diverse cultures that make up the fabric of the community, creating a deeper, more meaningful connection among residents.

Holiday Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is the ultimate way to bring the community together for some cozy, shared entertainment, regardless of the season. Creating a comfortable viewing space and selecting a variety of films that celebrate different holidays and cultures invites the community to relax and enjoy some time together. Enhancing the experience with seasonal snacks and drinks tailored to the time of year—whether it's iced lemonade and summer-themed treats for a mid-year celebration or hot cider and pumpkin-spiced delights in the fall—transforms a simple movie night into a beloved community tradition, attracting residents of all ages.

Chalk the Walk

"Chalk the Walk" not only brings the community outdoors, encouraging residents to express themselves through art, but it also fosters a unique opportunity for engagement and expression. This activity has the power to transform your complex’s sidewalks into a vibrant array of colors and themes, vividly reflecting the diversity and creativity of your residents. Offering prizes for imagination or holiday spirit not only can spark friendly competition but also serves as a catalyst for widespread participation, drawing in residents of all ages to share in the joy and community spirit. Adding an interactive element, such as community voting for favorite designs or incorporating a theme that changes with each event, can further enhance engagement and anticipation for what has the potential to become a recurring community tradition.

Random Acts of Kindness Marathon

Fostering a culture of generosity and support, a "Random Acts of Kindness Marathon" not only challenges residents to make positive impacts on each other's lives but also deeply enriches the fabric of the community. The introduction of a challenge card, which is passed from one resident to another upon completing an act of kindness, weaves a tangible thread of goodwill throughout the community. This innovative approach does more than just bringing neighbors a little closer—it creates a ripple effect of joy and warmth, establishing a legacy of kindness that extends well beyond any single holiday and becomes a cherished part of the community's ethos.

Festivals and Carnivals

A holiday-themed carnival not only brings seasonal magic to life with an assortment of games, food, and entertainment but also serves as a beacon for community engagement, transforming the event into an eagerly anticipated annual celebration for families. Incorporating activities that span all age groups, from classic ring tosses to innovative, holiday-themed photo booths, enriches the festive atmosphere. This vibrant carnival setting, buzzing with excitement and laughter, becomes more than just an event—it evolves into a cherished tradition, fostering anticipation and joyful memories within the community that residents look forward to recreating year after year. Adding elements like live music or performances tailored to the holiday theme can further amplify the festive mood, ensuring the carnival remains a dynamic and exciting highlight of the community calendar.

These six holiday activities are just the beginning. With a little creativity and thoughtful planning, you can transform any holiday season into a highly anticipated and joyful time for your apartment community. The key objective is to cultivate a sense of belonging, infuse the atmosphere with happiness, and forge unforgettable memories that residents will cherish. By engaging residents in meaningful, fun, and diverse activities, we lay the foundation for a tightly knit community that values and celebrates each other's company and culture. Discover a treasure trove of ideas, resources, and tips designed to enrich the resident experience and foster a vibrant, inclusive community atmosphere year-round. Visit Elevated Living for more ideas and innovative concepts that will transform your apartment complexes.