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Obtain the Highest Engagement by Using the Best Resident Experience Platform

February 27, 2024
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Managers of Class A communities have one goal in mind – exceptional resident experience. This is why building owners and managers ensure the best amenities are included, such as modern gym equipment, swimming pools, rooftop gardens, rentable club rooms and/or guest suites, social activities and so much more. However, when there are facilities to book, move-in/move-out days to coordinate, and hundreds of residents to please, there needs to be an effective management solution. That solution is the Elevated Living app. It provides the best resident experience platform.

Opportunities for Engagement

Our resident experience platform is designed to provide the highest amount of meaningful opportunities for your residents to take action. This high level of opportunity results in high – and positive – engagement. These opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • On-demand concierge services
  • Booking of the club room or gym equipment right through the app
  • Customized checklists and onboarding/offboarding for move-ins and outs
  • Special event coordination
  • Automated payment collection and reminders
  • Direct communication with the management team

Your residents want that 5-star resort experience from your Class A multifamily community, and you know that experience includes communication and user-friendly interactions. The best resident experience platform allows for seamless, easy communication, booking and so much more, all in one convenient app.

Designed with Class A Property Managers in Mind

Here at Elevated Living, we consider your residents, but we also consider you, the building owner or manager. Our resident experience platform contains several features that easily allow you to offer the best experience. These features include:

  • Digital file management and record keeping
  • Enhanced reputation management by monitoring social media feeds
  • The ability to quickly check and manage bookings
  • Direct communication with residents via the app (no more handing out your personal cell number)
  • Marketing and promotional opportunities through the ability to build, organize and maintain groups (walking groups, dog owner meet-ups, swimming groups, etc.)

As a white-label product, the app is presented to residents with your branding and customizations, ensuring it is the most efficient solution for you and your guests.

The Ultimate Solution: Our Resident Experience Platform

We are committed to helping you offer your residents the best-in-class experience they deserve. Our app allows you to do this by providing seamless features for both managers and residents. The branding presents the app to residents as a product of your facility, and the customizations allow the app to work in the most efficient way for your properties. We strive to enhance your investment by providing the best resident experience platform on the market. The number of opportunities for resident engagement are not just high, but also impactful and meaningful; designed to enhance lifestyle and increase resident satisfaction.

Empower your facility, yourself, and your residents today by using the best resident experience platform. Contact Elevated Living for more details.