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Is Your Fitness Center Sitting Idle?

February 27, 2024
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With more than half of residents still working from home, fitness centers are in higher demand for multifamily communities. Many Class A developers are incorporating fitness centers into their design. Buildings within the Elevated Living community offer several fitness and health services to their residents. Despite the demand for these amenities, many property management teams are finding it hard to utilize their fitness centers. What are some things they can do to elevate their amenities? Here are 6 tips to amenity activation.

Provide Onsite and Virtual Fitness Groups

The hardest part of any fitness plan is implementation. Offering onsite and virtual classes provides value and accountability. Residents enjoy working out with each other and building relationships while meeting their fitness goals. Group classes promote interaction with others in this post-pandemic world.

Offer Onsite Personal Training

Having access to a personal trainer onsite helps residents with accountability. Accessibility and convenience help residents meet their fitness goals. By offering a personalized training program in your communities, you can help residents build confidence while meeting fitness goals. This is a win-win situation for the personal trainer, as it builds their reputation and experience.

Organize Social Fitness Events

While working out is for personal gain, adding a social element increases accountability and participation. Residents of multifamily buildings will feel like part of a community striving to reach the same fitness goals. Combining fitness with other elements, such as fitness challenges, or a meet and greet with a nutritionist, can increase the desire to attend these events and work toward their goals as a team. Adding a social element to the fitness routine can encourage new residents to join in as well.

Get a Resident Experience App

A resident experience app can offer many other benefits to your multifamily community. This app will help residents streamline everything from payments to maintenance requests. Residents can book amenities and RSVP to onsite classes. The application will help your property management team by tracking maintenance requests and community feedback.

Hire a Dedicated Onsite Lifestyle Coordinator

A lifestyle coordinator will develop fitness and nutrition programs for residents of your multifamily building. They will engage with residents regularly about upcoming events and classes, and act as a booking agent for personal training sessions. The lifestyle coordinator will help with accountability by ensuring residents know about upcoming events, classes, and social get-togethers.

Deliver Healthy Meals

Life in the city is fast-paced and stressful. Many families do not have time to prepare healthy meals, which leads to unhealthy eating habits. Providing residents with a healthy meal option can increase awareness and decrease the stress of preparing meals each night. Try offering meal delivery service from a local health store or restaurant, or a weekly food truck option. Luxury properties may even choose to hire an onsite chef that prepares meals as a subscription. The options are endless.

Improve Residents’ Health

By implementing some or all the above suggestions, you can increase your property’s fitness center and healthy lifestyle. These amenities promote healthy lifestyle choices and encourage residents to live an active lifestyle.