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Designing Amenities That Wow: Tips for Property Managers

February 27, 2024
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As a property manager, creating exceptional amenities is key to attracting and retaining residents. Proper amenity management not only increases your NOI but will result in a higher value experience for residents. With the right amenity design, your residents will be happy and more engaged in the community.

Crafting the Right Theme

Choosing a cohesive theme for your amenities sets the tone for your property and creates a memorable experience for tenants.

Knowing and understanding your target demographic is essential. Tailor the theme of your amenities to suit your target resident demographic. Families may appreciate kid-friendly spaces, while young professionals might favor sleek, modern designs.

Ensure the theme and styling your property management team chooses flows throughout all the amenities. From decor to functionality, everything should complement the chosen theme.

Trends, interests, and styles can change quickly, so it’s important to design spaces that are able to be shifted and adapted to suit new styles while still remaining open for amenity management processes such as cleaning and quality checks.

Prioritize Easy Accessibility

The accessibility of amenities greatly impacts resident satisfaction. If reserving and accessing amenities for large events or private groups is a hassle, residents will be less likely to use them.

During the design process, ensure amenities are placed strategically, considering convenience for all residents. Central locations or access in high traffic areas can help increase utilization. Clearly marked paths and signs can also help residents locate and access amenities.

By using our specialized tenant app or similar amenity management system, you can streamline the reservation and scheduling process, condensing the process down to a few simple steps.

Well-Placed Extras Through Amenity Management Systems

The little extras can have a significant impact on overall resident satisfaction.

For example, incorporating group fitness classes or access to a personal trainer in your gym area will encourage residents to use the amenities regularly and spend a little more for specialized extras.

Small, convenient add-ons such as on-hand caterers for an event or quick communication with pet caretakers when residents take a vacation can have a big impact on resident satisfaction. With the right amenity management system, these extras can be added on without increasing the workload of your property management team.

Sustainability and Innovation

Incorporating sustainable practices and innovative designs can elevate your building’s appeal.

● Energy Efficiency: Implement energy-saving features such as LED lighting, solar panels, or eco-friendly appliances to reduce environmental impact and operational costs.

● Innovative Designs: Embrace cutting-edge technologies or unique architectural elements to differentiate your property and attract eco-conscious tenants.

● Wellness-Oriented Amenities: Consider amenities that promote health and wellness, such as fitness centers, yoga studios, or meditation spaces.

By focusing on continuous themes, streamlined amenity management and accessibility, thoughtful extras, sustainability, and innovation, your property management team can create amenities that not only wow residents but also contribute to a thriving and attractive residential environment. Even the smallest design innovations can make a big difference. Wow your residents and set your communities apart with resident focused, convenient amenities.