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Community Living Experience

February 27, 2024
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Class A communities are always looking for ways to surpass their residents' expectations to create a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. The community living experience starts right from the move-in day and goes on to create an environment that feels like home. However, it's no easy task to meet every resident's needs and preferences. That's where a resident app comes in. This all-inclusive tool can improve the community living experience dramatically by helping you manage everything from events to maintenance services.

Tips for Improving the Community Living Experience

Make a good first impression: The move-in day is crucial, as residents need to feel comfortable and welcomed immediately. To make this happen, ensure that the suite is clean and ready before the move-in date. Do a thorough cleaning and fixing up of any outstanding issues, such as broken tiles or lighting fixtures. Using a resident engagement app can simplify the process by allowing you to create a checklist of cleaning tasks and responsibilities that can be easily checked off as they are completed.

Host events: Organizing events is a great way to build a sense of community and create a lasting impression. However, it's important to ensure that events are planned effectively and that residents can easily RSVP. A resident app can help you do this by creating event pages that are accessible via the app. Residents can RSVP, communicate with others about events, and view the event schedule, all from the convenience of their phones.

Use up-to-date technology: Keeping residents safe is a top priority in any Class A community. Utilizing up-to-date technological advancements like high-tech security and intercom systems can help ensure residents feel safe and secure in their homes. With a resident engagement app, you can control access to your system and view guest logs remotely. Having the ability to monitor movement in the building from a mobile app can give residents an additional sense of security.

Keep residents informed: To create a successful community living experience, residents need to be kept up to date about what's happening in their community. Keeping them informed on the latest news, events, and policies is straightforward with a resident app. You can send push notifications, emails, or in-app updates to communicate important information instantly and directly. This helps create a sense of transparency and makes residents feel empowered to be an active part of their community.

Respond to maintenance requests ASAP: Maintenance requests can be a headache for both residents and staff. However, failing to take care of these issues promptly can negatively impact the community living experience. The journey to effective maintenance starts with communication, and a resident engagement app is an essential tool to streamline it. Residents can create maintenance requests via the app and track when they will be resolved. This means they can stay informed on the status of their request and feel confident that their issues are being addressed.

Looking for a Great Resident App?

Elevated Living ( believes that a positive community living experience for residents is the backbone of any successful Class A multifamily community. A resident app is a tool that can help create this experience. It simplifies the process of managing events, communication, and maintenance services to build a vibrant and cohesive community. Elevated Living’s resident engagement app is a great tool to add to your arsenal to keep your residents connected and happy.