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Please have clean face (moisturizer & eye cream is ok, no SPF) and dry, clean or 1 day old hair ready for styling. If you’d like a blowout style, please have damp hair or stylist can spray it wet.

Mobile Makeup and Hair

Alyssa and her team of beauty professionals are dedicated to provide the most personalized beauty service one can have on any special day. Our professionalism and ability to connect with her clients have proven creativity makeup and hair design will bring out the best in you with your own special uniqueness and beauty inside out.
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Hair and Makeup
Hair styling and makeup application. false lashes are included. 90-120 min
Dry Hair styling
Waves, curls, updos, braids, ponytails and updos. 45-60 min
Makeup only
Natural or dramatic makeup application - False lashes are included. 45-60 min
Blowout and makeup
Blow-dry and Makeup application. False lashes are included. 90 min


What brands do you use?

All products used are professional quality. Most of the brands in our kits consist of Armani, Laura Mercier, Smashbox, Stila, Nars, Urban Decay, NYX, etc.

Are false lashes included?

Yes, we have plenty of options

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